Yoga for Fat People: Plus Size Yoga Clothes and More

Yoga for Fat People

Yoga can be an intimidating undertaking for those of us in the plus-size range – it may seem like yoga for fat people doesn’t exist, but yoga can be done by lots of body types and at different levels. Plus size yoga clothes can also be harder to find, simply because clothing companies think their plus size customers don’t have a need for them. This is obviously untrue! In this post, we’ll discuss some options for plus size yoga clothes available online and give some tips for doing yoga as a fat person.

Copyright: apirut / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: apirut / 123RF Stock Photo

Plus Size Yoga Clothes: Pants

When looking for a yoga pant, the most important aspect to find is comfort – both physical comfort, i.e. getting a good fit, and mental comfort, i.e. feeling confident in the clothes you’re wearing. Some plus size yoga practitioners feel more comfortable in a form-fitting pant, while others may prefer a looser fit. We’ll go over both in this round-up of plus size yoga clothes.

plus size yoga clothes
These basic black leggings are a perfectly simple pair of plus size yoga pants that also happen to be made of moisture-wicking QuikWik fabric.

plus size yoga clothes
If you like leggings, but prefer a looser fit, these pants might be just perfect for you. Available in sizes XL-6X, they are the perfect plus size yoga pants for people with larger calves.

plus size yoga clothes
These cotton/spandex capri leggings are designed specifically for a plus-size customer, and come in an array of fun colors and prints to make your yoga look as fun as you are. Available in sizes 1X-6X. Hooray for a company that understand that yoga for fat people is a thing!

Plus Size Yoga Clothes: Tops

This bra top provides light support that won’t chafe you in the wrong place. They’re best for DD cups or smaller, available in sizes 1X-6X.

Yoga for Fat People: Products

Yoga for Fat People: Books


Yoga For Fat People: Videos

A growing number of yoga practitioners are creating classes that specifically teach yoga for fat people, sometimes making modifications to make the poses work better with bodies that have bellies and thighs that you might not always associate with “yoga people.” Remember: yoga is for EVERY body. If you go to a yoga class and feel like the teacher is making you feel bad about your body, whatever it looks or feels like, that teacher is not a good teacher.

If you feel self-conscious about attending a yoga for fat people class – or any yoga class – a good way to get acquainted with the poses is with videos you can watch at home.

YouTube Videos

Body Positive Yoga is a great channel that features plus-size yogis, either showing poses or in interviews. This is a very helpful video showing how to do sun salutations, here’s one for corpse pose, and this one is titled “Keeping your boobs out of your face during yoga” which will be helpful for some folks!

Buddha Body Yoga is another channel with a number of pose videos to help guide people with larger bodies.

This is a full 50-minute yoga for fat people practice that is non-weight-bearing, meaning if you don’t have much strength in different parts of your body, you don’t have to worry. However, if you’re trying to build strength through yoga, this isn’t the video to go for – this is for relaxation 🙂

Inversions are when you do upside-down yoga poses – this video shows some ways that plus-size people *can* go upside-down during their yoga practice.

Curvy Yoga, based in Nashville, offers a few videos and written instructions on their site for free!

If you want more of a full class than a YouTube video might provide, there are some excellent DVDs that feature yoga for fat people with plus-size yogis.

Gentle Yoga for Every Body is a simple, straightforward yoga practice that is a great introduction to poses and the mental aspects of yoga.

HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today focuses on building strength, improving balance, and increasing your flexibility – in the body you have now.

Expanding Into Fullness is focused on yoga for larger bodies – the subtitle says it’s for women, but men can do it too! – and includes chair adaptations for many of the poses so if your mobility is limited, you can find a pose that works for you.
Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia is a 28-minute program with additional tips and tricks about practicing yoga for fat people. Garcia is a patient, kind instructor who balances the physical benefits of flexibility and balance with the mental benefits of a yoga practice.

MegaYoga is also led by Megan Garcia and includes four plus-sized students in the video, so you can follow the student shaped most like you to get the most out of the video.

Yoga for Fat People: Classes in Your Area

If you feel ready to attend a class – or even if you don’t and you want to be brave! – you can look for studios in your area that offer plus-size options. Some cities even have whole studios dedicated to yoga for fat people! Here are a few options in some cities around the country. If your area isn’t listed, don’t be discouraged – there may be more options than you realize:

Yoga for Fat People: New York City

Buddha Body Yoga – 39 W. 29th Street

Gibney Dance – Plus Size Yoga – 890 Broadway @ 19th Street

Mega Yoga – 135 W. 29th St

Yoga for Fat People: Chicago

Ganesha Yoga – Ganesha Plus – 3113 N. Lincoln Ave.

Tula Yoga – Yoga Within Reach – 2827 W. Belden Ave.

Yoga for Fat People – Portland, OR

Fat Yoga – 6340 SE Foster

Yoga for Fat People – Austin

Heavyweight Yoga – call for location

Yoga for Fat People – Nashville

Curvy Yoga – 123 S. 11th Street

Yoga for Fat People – Charlottesville, VA

Body Positive Yoga – location varies