Best Plus Size Mattress: Your Perfect Night’s Sleep

The Best Plus Size Mattress

Shopping for the best plus size mattress? Mattress shopping can be a daunting prospect for any shopper – what kind should I get? Can I return it if I don’t like it? How much should I spend? – but when you’re trying to find the best mattress for big guys or other heavier folks, it becomes even harder. We’ll break down some of the ways you can find the best bed for a heavy person, with some recommendations of the best mattress for couples with different weights.

Finding the Best Mattress for Big Guys

One aspect to consider when shopping for the best plus size mattress is firmnessMany larger people find a firmer mattress more comfortable, simply because a larger person will sink down into a firmer mattress more than a smaller person will. Thanks, gravity! That means that a larger person may want to shoot for a mattress that’s on the firmer side.

The other thing to look for when purchasing the best plus size mattress is mattress height. Many larger folks will sleep better on a taller mattress. In the next section, we’ve put all the 10″ tall mattresses in the section titled “Best Mattress for 300-lb Person” and all the mattresses taller than 10″ in the section titled “Best Mattress for 400-pound Person.” This may help you figure out which mattress will work best for you. Everyone is different, so hopefully this guide will assist you in determining your needs.

Best Mattress for 300-lb Person


This Olee gel-infused foam mattress is 10″ high, with 7″ of support foam topped by three different materials, including 1″ of temperature-dispersing gel.

best plus size mattress
This Zinus Hybrid Green Tea Foam and Spring Mattress is infused with green tea extract and castor oil to naturally prevent odor. This is a benefit for any shopper, even if not shopping specifically for the best mattress for a large person.

best plus size mattress
This Tuft & Needle Foam Mattress  sleeps cooler than some other foam mattresses. Some larger customers have reported needing an additional mattress pad protector to get the feel they want – so be sure to test what works for you.

best plus size mattress
This Lucid gel memory foam mattress is a slightly less firm option if you are looking for a softer plus size mattress.

best mattress for large person
This Leesa mattress features 2″ of Avena foam on top, giving it bounce and sink in the right balance. Some larger customers SWEAR by this bed, while others didn’t like it, so be sure to use the 90-day return policy if this plus size mattress isn’t right for you.

best plus size mattress
This Helix Sleep custom mattress is made to YOUR specifications – you select the firmness, and Helix uses a combination of foam and coils to ensure this mattress is just right for you.

mattress for 300 lb person
The Purple bed is not topped with memory foam, but rather another supportive material that is a huge hit with some customers and less so with others. However, many reviews note that if you are dissatisfied with this bed, the return process is very simple. Technically, the weight limit on this bed is 300 lbs per person (meaning a 600 pound total limit). However, the website notes that customers over 300 pounds have had success with this bed.

best mattress for large person
This Sleep Innovations 10″ bed is medium-firm for folks who might want a softer feel.  

Best Mattress For 400-pound Person

best mattress for large person
This Sleep Innovations 12″ mattress is made of three layers, with a cooling gel memory foam layer on the top to keep you cool as you sleep.


best mattress for large person
This Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress is 12″ and is designed for folks who are larger than average. Especially relevant, the bed has 9.5″ of support foam topped by 2.5 inches of comfort foam that will help keep you cool while you sleep.

mattress for 400 pound person
This Novaform 14″ mattress features 8″ of base layer foam topped with 3″ of gel memory foam as well as 3″ of air channel foam, making it a great option as a mattress for 400-pound person (or more)!

best plus size mattress
This Ghostbed is topped with 1.5″ of latex, followed by 2″ of gel-infused memory foam, for a hybrid bed that helps support you body. Many customers report a “breaking-in” period with this mattress as the feel of it takes some getting used to.

best mattress for big guys
This Amerisleep 12″ memory foam mattress features a cooling foam layer. As a result, this mattress is ideal for larger people. Smaller people report that it is too firm for them, but larger customers say it cradles them nicely.


Finally, once you find your new plus size mattress, you might be looking for a way to tucker yourself out for the best night’s sleep. Check out our post on bikes for overweight riders!