Chub Rub Fix: 15 Ways to Stop Thigh Chafing Now

Thigh chafing – or “chub rub,” as some of us like to call it, is an issue for plus-size people and smaller people alike – if you have thighs, you *might* have thigh chafing! Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath, especially in the summer, can make your chafing thighs scream in agony, and can result in a painful rash if you go for too long without treating it.

Chub Rub Fix: 15 Ways to Stop Thigh Chafing Now

There are two basic ways to help thigh chafing: stopping it from happening in the first place – thigh chafing solutions – and treating the pain of chafed thighs after it happens – thigh chafing treatment. We’ll talk about thigh chafing solutions first – they can help you avoid the chub rub in simple, relatively cheap ways that will last you all summer – or longer!

How to Prevent Thigh Chafing

Bandelettes (Thigh Bands)
bandelettes plus size thigh chafing solution
One of the most effective ways to AVOID thigh chafing in the first place is to put some sort of fabric barrier between your thighs, and these bandelettes are a cute, non-constricting way to do that.

Basically, they’re lace thigh bands – a wide, lacy elastic garter that you wear on the part of your thigh that chafes, and somehow they actually STAY UP, I PROMISE. They come in 6 sizes, fitting anywhere from a 21″ thigh to a 32″ thigh. Plus, they come in a variety of lace styles and colors (and also come in non-lace if that’s not your thing).

The weirdest part of wearing the bandelettes is going to the bathroom, because you don’t pull them down! It feels…strange. But it’s definitely worth it to keep my thigh chafing practically non-existent.


Slipshorts are another great way to prevent chub rub because they are a PHYSICAL PRESENCE between your chafing thighs. If the bandelettes seem like they’ll fall down (which they might on you, I don’t know your thighs), give these a try.

One really nice thing about the slipshorts is that they’re not Spanx – they’re JUST there to prevent chub rub, not suck in your belly or constrict you like a sausage. Plus, they come in a ton of cute colors, so you can even match them to your outfit!

These “boxer briefs” from activewear company Junonia are pretty standard – they come in black or white, are seamless, and are a mid-thigh length. But the best part? They come in a size range from 1X-6X, with the 6X fitting a 56-58″ waist.


Undersummers are like a slipshort *combined* with a lace thigh band – they’re shorts with a lace trim! Remember the 90s? Well, these are KIND of 90s – if you wear them with no skirt over them, you could definitely be an extra in a Janet Jackson video. They also come in a bunch of cute colors (and PRINTS, like pink snakeskin).

These are also *not* made to suck you in – and you can actually just wear them in place of undies if you want a smooth line under your clothes. Plus, they’re *specifically* made to prevent chub rub so there are NO seams on the inner thighs! Score!!


If you’re looking for a little more thigh coverage in your chub rub prevention toolkit, these cute “shorts” – though they’re ALMOST clamdiggers – from ModCloth could do you nicely. They’re long enough to cover you to the knee (or maybe more, if you’re on the petite side), but will let you stay cool on a hot summer day. I bet they’d be great for a bike ride!

They come in black, white, and polka dot to accompany any look.

Pettipants are one of the less-popular thigh chafing solutions, possibly because they’re so flowing, so you can’t wear them under tighter outfits – and the fact that you have to pull them up pretty high to make the crotch sit in the right place to prevent chub rub. But if you wear a lot of flowing skirts at your natural waist, this might be the solution for you!

One nice thing about these is that they’re designed for you to cut them off at the length you need – so no matter your height or style, you can prevent thigh chafing.


If you’re not the type of person who wants to sport anything under your clothes, you can try one of the thigh chafing solutions that’s NOT an undergarment, like this chafing relief powder-gel. It goes on like a gel, but turns to a powder after application for a smooth way to keep your chub rub at bay.

A bonus use is that apparently some people use it as a makeup primer?? Who knew??!


This anti-chafing balm was originally developed for runners, but the good people at Bodyglide know that non-runners want to prevent chafing too.There are a few different options for Bodyglide products – the original flavor, plus a “for her” version that has a slightly more feminine scent (and a pink tube).

Both of the bodyglide options come in a tube like a stick deodorant does, so you won’t get it on your hands when applying. However, there’s also a tube version for applying to smaller areas like your arms!


If you like the idea of a powder, rather than a balm, but the idea of applying powder brings to mind a vision of yourself and your bathroom just COVERED in powder because you spilled it everywhere, then Gold Bond’s spray powder might be a good solution for you.

Instead of sprinkling the powder on, you simply spray it on the areas you’re anticipating chub rub, and let it dry. You might need to re-apply later, depending on what you’re doing that day, but it’s a really effective way to apply powder-based thigh chafing solutions.


Yes, this is REALLY called Anti-Monkey Butt Powder and it is REALLY a helpful thigh chafing solution!! It comes in “regular” and “lady” versions, with the main differences in the “lady” version being the pink packaging (LADIES LOVE PINK!!) and a “pleasant fragrance.”There’s also a “baby” version, which smells “baby fresh,” in case you’re into that, and a formula with calamine lotion, to help prevent itching!

A powder is sometimes the most effective way to prevent thigh chafing because it keeps you DRY, and sweat, humidity and stickiness are the main culprits when it comes to chafed inner thighs.

Thigh Chafing Treatment

Now that we’ve run down some of the best thigh chafing solutions, let’s talk a bit about thigh chafing TREATMENT. We’ve all had a day when we’ve been out rubbing our thighs (or other body parts!) together and come home to throbbing, red skin on sensitive parts of our bodies. What to put on chafed inner thighs? A few of these things might help.

It might seem obvious, but simply cooling the area that’s red and raw can be very, very soothing. A therapy cold compress you can slip between your thighs might help, or even a simple ice bag could do the trick. Since the ice might be *too* cold if you apply it directly to your skin, these solutions can help put something in between.


Diaper rash is, at its heart, just chafing caused by the rubbing of a diaper on a baby’s very sensitive skin. So applying a product meant to soothe baby’s skin can be very healing for your chafed thighs as well.

Try Aquaphor, a lotion specifically formulated for diaper rash, or this all-natural Burt’s Bees version that comes in an adorable container. There’s also the old classic, Desitin, which you can get in a tub or a tube!

Treating chafing thighs can be very similar to treating a burn – you want to keep the area clean and dry, and apply soothing ointments to it. Aloe vera is one of the most effective burn treatments around, and comes in a lot of forms.

This 24 oz. bottle of pure aloe vera gel is a great option if you need a lot of aloe vera for not much $$, or this version from Earth’s Daughter is a cold-pressed organic version if that’s more your speed. Simply apply the gel to the chafed areas and let it sit for a bit – this might be a good time to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows or read a book!


Tea tree oil is a soothing topical solution you can use on many parts of your body, including chafed inner thighs. Put a little bit on a cotton ball and gently dab it on the affected areas, or simply pour a bit in your hand and rub it in – if that’s not too painful.

If you have the ability to take a bath, they can be very soothing to chafed areas of your body. Make sure not to make the water too hot, as that can make the chafing worse. One soothing addition to your bath is oatmeal – you can use regular oatmeal, but it might gum up your plumbing, and that’s no good!

This Aveeno oatmeal bath packet can soothe your skin AND keep your plumbing pipes clear. Another option is a nice baking soda bath – add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, like lavender or cooling peppermint, to create a nice scent while you relax. If you’re not sure what kind of essential oil you like, a sampler might be nice!

Bonus Products

If your thighs get sweaty, your breasts might be getting sweaty too. This can cause itching, odors, and reduce the life of your bras. Enter: CupCare, a disposable liner for your bra that absorbs sweat!

Conclusion: Let’s End Chub Rub

Those are a few possible thigh chafing solutions and thigh chafing treatments that will help you prevent chub rub – and if you DO get chub rub, you’ll know what to put on chafed inner thighs. Hope you have a summer free of chafing thighs!

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